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How much is your London property now worth?

Blog image_Jan15The London property market in 2014 was one of two halves. The first six months was characterised by a shortage of available property and a huge amount of eager buyers; the highest ratio of potential buyers for any single property that we have ever recorded and as a result, property prices increased exponentially. In April, the Government introduced the MMR (Mortgage Market Review), and everything quickly changed. Inevitably, whilst lenders acclimatised to these new regulations, buyers were caught in the administrative backlog and prices stopped increasing at an unsustainable rate. Indeed, in the last quarter of 2014, prices actually softened slightly. However, sellers were, and still are, blessed with very favourable annual growth.

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Press Release: Marsh & Parsons heads East with Shoreditch opening

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Marsh & Parsons’ is opening a new branch in Shoreditch this month, adding to its existing network of 22 offices across the capital. This will… More »

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